My tributes are current set within the market range prices, and also include the preparation time required to tailor your session, preparing myself, both mentally and physically & your dedicated scenario room, the implements and the scenario, for a single session, I need at least between one to two hours to prepare, and for a double, at least three hours as well as reschedule my private life so I can fully divert my attention to your needs, all of which takes time and careful planning. I am always happy to negotiate a price with any client, for example if you want a shorter session,or wish to book a set of block sessions.

30 minute £ 60Standard rate
1 hour £ 100standard rate
Double Discipline£ 150Miss Lisa & The Governess
1hr +Please Enquirestandard rate + special agreed extra time rate
@ Email Service
find out more about this service here
Please Enquire Tribute for this session depends upon, intensity and frequency of the service. If this interests you, find out more about this service here
Financial Servitude

find out more about this service here
To be agreed, Please enquire Financial servitude agreement would consist of both parties agreeing to all terms and conditions in full and would be expected to pay an agreed amount each and every month on an agreed date. Should this be of interest find out more about this service here
Block Sessions To be agreed, typically £75 per sessions, Please Enquire If you wish to book for 4 sessions,  one per month, then I will reduce the tribute to £75 for each session.  You would have to pay for the first two sessions on the first visit and the last two sessions on the second visit.  Leaving your final two sessions free of charge.
Please note -If you fail to turn up to your last two without good reason or notice for absence then you will unfortunately lose your fee paid.
Tailored & Custom Session Please Enquire Please contact me regarding your requirements, as this session type is tailored for your requirements and falls outside the scope of normally the normal discipline type session, however, please remember, I do not offer a sexual services.