Scenarios & Services

During our consultation, we can also develop a scenario, Sessions are tailored to meet individual needs, limitations and expectations are discussed prior to meeting.  I will never go over board with punishments, and limits are respected at all times but you can expect them to be pushed above and a little beyond. I am happy to conduct a session of discipline with or without role play and discretion will be respected at all times, rest assured your identity will not be revealed  to a third party without your prior consent, Under no circumstances are you allowed to expose your private parts or be totally nude, only your bottom may be exposed and there is no relief offered or allowed so please do not insult my intelligence by asking for services of this type.

The School Room

At school you where expected to follow the rules or receive punishment  for each and every error made. There was no excuses for breaking the rules and for each silly error you make,  I will help by punishing you as a stark reminder not to repeat the same error twice.  Idiots and wise guys, will be made an example of, thinking they can do as they please, will ensure they will not be walking out bright and breezy,  they will be adorning to swollen, bruised cheeks in their shorts.  Make no mistake about that, be warned if you want to challenge the rules expect to leave with tears streaming down your face and a backside more  swollen and colourful.

Punishments will be any of or all of the following:- what you receive depends upon your behaviour and your ability to complete the work given. Attempting to flatter the teacher with compliments to shorten your sentence will be looked upon with scorn and extra punishments awarded. hand, plimsoll, slipper, tawse, strap, ruler, paddle and cane. An example of 6 strokes of the cane.

Rules of the School Room are strictly –

1. Be Punctual, 

2. No chewing.

3. Keep to the dress code if one is in place.

 4. Being rude or offensive will not be tolerated.

5. No Failure in class. Show enthusiasm. 

6. Answering back is not an option

Domestic Discipline

Do you need an Auntie, a family friend or other relative to administer a punishment for you ? Has your chores and duties been lacking or have been sloppy ? Is your partner not capable or unwilling to punish you ? Are you guilty of breaking the fundamental rules of the home ?  Punishment can be issued in many ways for domestic discipline and can be from something as quick and easy as a short sharp hand spanking, 6 of the best, or even a good strapping. These are used for on the spot behaviour control.

1. Leaving a toilet seat up,

2. Not putting things away in their rightful place

3. Being rude or offensive in front of others

4. Deliberately being obnoxious in front of others

5. Being argumentative when punishment is awarded

6. moaning, feeling hard done or being stubborn and sulking

 For constant or repeating of the same errors, a monthly punishment is usually given. A good verbal chastising would normally start the procedure off.  Don’t mince your words, tell me why you are annoyed with your behaviour, and I will ensure that it is corrected. To make this Domestic Discipline work, a no nonsense policy is enforced No error goes unpunished,  in the event of no errors you still have to punish. or they will become complacent, this is called maintenance.

Serve Me

I have lots of chores for you to do around my home, from cleaning my floors, my garden, my bathrooms.  As my maid, I expect services carried out to the highest standards and to my satisfaction. You will be under my watchful eye at all times, any lacking in enthusiasm to carry out your assigned duties will be immediately corrected, should I find that once your duties are complete, and after a thorough inspection, the standards have not been met,  expect to be punished and made to do the duty again.  As my maid, you will be expected to dress appropriate for your new role, and cleaning materials and any tools will be provided.

@ Emailing Service

The emailing service that I provide is normally used by people who cannot attend a session in person for one reason or another. I am normally requested to send lessons or lines that must be completed within an agreed time limit. Failure to complete work set will result in tasks being set for the offending individual where photo evidence will need to be provided to show that task has been completed.  Failure to complete tasks will result in a financial fine.  All points and criteria will be outlined and agreed to in advance, tribute structure will differ for this service, so please ask.

Financial Servitude

A Financial Servitude agreement is not something that should be entered into lightly and with consideration. Do not offer to give more than you can comfortably afford to give, although you have an overwhelming desire to tribute me with it. The immense satisfaction and relief you will feel handing over your hard earned cash is second to none. To hold the position of a financial slave  you must apply for the position outlining your commitment and your intentions. You will be required to fill out an application form to support your application. A general financial servitude agreement would consist of both parties agreeing to all terms and conditions in full and would be expected to pay an agreed amount each and every month on an agreed date, any reminders for these payments would result in a late payment fine being issued.  If you want to ring me, by all means do so but you will pay for my time taken up talking.If you want me to return a call at any time you will need to top up my phone. This agreement is directed at generous submissive slaves who can realistically afford it.

Whichever scenario or punishment you are looking to have administered, I’m sure you will find my session both rewarding and satisfying. Should you wish to enquire further or make a booking, please click on the Message Me Link and Please address me as Miss Lisa at all times.