Session & Tribute

I always give a warm friendly welcome to all my clients, regardless if they are regulars, seasoned, curious or are just new to being punished and would like to find out more. There is no need to be nervous, as I am a very approachable and understanding lady, and am always ready to put your mind at ease, but do not mistake my kindness for weakness, once a session has started, you will very quickly become aware, that I am the one that is in charge. There is no such thing as a typical session, as every one is tailored to different requirements and scenarios, which suits your individual needs. The more information you provide to me prior to our session, the better understanding I will have and be able to tailor the environment and carefully select which Implements will be suitable.  You can expect to receive a firm but fair punishment to satisfy what you crave and what your inner self requires.

A session will last for around an hour, although our first session will be slightly longer due to a pre-session consultation, where I will be able to further understand your needs, requirements and boundaries, during at which time, I must insist on honesty, which will include any medical or health issues that may affect our session, If I feel that there is a safety risk, unfortunately, we will not be able to proceed, as your safety is the most important to me. I also do not allow and forbid, the use of aids, such as numbing cream, please do not think you are clever by using it, as this can be dangerous and cause serious injury, use of these will also stop the session going ahead, or stopped.

Our sessions will be held in a domestic environment, the punishment room can be modified to suit your needs such as a school room, an office, or a private comfortable room, where you can leave the outside world far behind, this will be where your chosen scenario will unfold. Once the punishment as been concluded, and only when you  have received my permission to be excused, I am positive you will leave with fond memories, and will be thoroughly satisfied with the punishment I have administered to you and which you have received.


My tributes are current set within the market range prices, and also include the preparation time required to tailor your session, preparing myself, both mentally and physically, your dedicated scenario room, the implements and the scenario, for a single session, I need at least between one to two hours to prepare, and for a double, at least three hours as well as reschedule my private life so I can fully divert my attention to your needs, all of which takes time and careful planning. I am always happy to negotiate a price with any client, for example if you want a shorter session,or wish to book a set of block sessions.

 Tributes are structured in block sessions and will attract the following rates  –

Tribute Pricing List

30 Minutes



Non Nonsense quick firm spanking. Rapid Red Burning in quick succession. 6 – 12 of the cane, strap and Brush. Basic Roleplay.

1 Hour



Non Rushed more detailed roleplay. Strict Telling off, limited opportunity to answer for your wrong doings.
Trousers and pants pulled down, skirts pulled up, bare bottom presented, and thoroughly punished.

Double Discipline



Are you brave enough and have been naughty enough to be punished by two Disciplinarians ? Not only will you receive Miss Lisa’s firm punishment, but will have to answer to the Governess as well. A very strict painful punishment for those exceedingly naughty bottoms. Roleplay with two Doms.

Tailored & Custom Session


To Be Agreed

Special Interest, want to try something different or unusual, not necessarily punishment. A tailored made scenario based on your fantasy with a burning desire to see how it plays out?

Extended Rates above 1 Hr

Min £

100 + Agreed.

For extended periods of over an hour, there is the minimum tribute of £100, the extra time you would like can be agreed upon.

Email Punishment (Block Booking)

£To be agreed


For those that are unable to attend my punishment room, I will give punishments, instructions and tasks via email. You will be required to book a block of emails, which will be agreed prior to commencing.

Financial Servitude

£To Be Agre


Financial servitude agreement would consist of both parties agreeing to all terms and conditions in full and would be expected to pay an agreed amount each and every month on an agreed date. Should this be of interest.

Custom Video / Clips

£To Be Agre


Are you a fine collector of ever expanding quality punishment and other fantasy videos, would you like your very own video with content specifically chosen by you. Receive a 30 min to 1hr video delivered to you, Professionally edited and presented, with content you want want to see. I will punish and session with my Subs for your viewing pleasure.

If you wish to book for 4 sessions,  one per month, then I will reduce the tribute to £75 for each session.  You would have to pay for the first two sessions on the first visit and the last two sessions on the second visit.  Leaving your final two sessions free of charge.

Please note -If you fail to turn up to your last two without good reason or notice for absence then you will unfortunately lose your fee paid.

Should you be running late, or wish to cancel, I respectively request that you let me know, we can the rearrange at your convenience.