Welcome To Miss Lisa’s Adult Discipline Website

My name is Miss Lisa,  I am a 49 year old female disciplinarian that will carry out to perfection all of your current punishment requirements.  I practice one to one sessions based around corporal and domestic punishment scenarios.

Sessions are available to all consenting adults over the age of 21.  

I have been a practising disciplinarian/punisher for approximately 15 years.  Sessions are tailored to meet your own individual requirements.  It doesn’t matter if it is your first time or a hardened taker.  The sessions can be to help to keep you on an even keel and prevent you making silly day to day errors.  For the more deserving submissive’s who require a more thorough punishment I have an excellent selection of implements that caters for all.  You may prefer straight forward no frills punishment or base your session around a role playing scenario.

If you are brave enough to experiment with a double domme scenario, I have a lady that is more than happy to join forces and give you the ultimate session and punishment you require and deserve.

I currently own one slave who goes by the name of Naughty Nephew, he knows his boundaries and fully aware of what happens should he cross that boundary.