Welcome To Miss Lisa’s Adult Discipline Website

My name is Miss Lisa, I am a 48 year old female Disciplinarian and Punisher, and have been practising the lifestyle for over 15 years.  I am situated in a small West Lancashire village, easily accessible from the major road routes or the local train stations.  

I am available for one to one sessions of punishment and discipline with any consenting adult over the age of 21.  Each session is tailored to meet every individual’s need, no two sessions are ever the same.  Your session could be straight laced, a no frills punishment, or alternatively we can enhance your enjoyment and fantasy filled session with role play and a scenario of your choice.  My approach is always done with a smile, firm but fair is my motto.

For those that are more advententurious, that little bit more naughty or just require Double Discipline, with a little notice, I am also available with another formidable Lady who is relatively new called the Governess. 

At present I personally own two slaves, they are my personal property.  They are full aware that they are not allowed to session with any other ladies without my express permission, they both have a registered certificate of ownership to myself.  They are under no delusions that if I say jump! they say how high, and do it without hesitation! or face the consequences, which they have become accustomed to.                                                                                               


Whether you are an experienced submissive or a newcomer to the scene I have the knowledge and experience to cater for your needs, and an excellent selection of implements administered with 100% accuracy, you can’t go far wrong.  All sessions are carried out in a domestic setting with a reasonable tribute for each.

To learn more about myself, The Governess, my services and my ever growing collection of session videos, please enter my domain and start your journey with me.