Miss Lisa CP – Female Disciplinarian

My name is Miss Lisa, I am a female disciplinarian from a small Lancashire village in the North West of England.  I live with my partner and family and expect you to respect that when ever you visit my home.

I am easily accessible from major road routes or via public transport.

I have been a practising disciplinarian for over 14 years. I administer punishments and implement discipline regimes to any consenting adult of their own free will.  Sessions are tailored to meet individual needs, limitations and expectations are discussed prior to meeting.  I will never go over board with punishments, and limits are respected at all times but you can expect them to be pushed above and a little beyond.

For your own safety, and to achieve satisfaction, it is very important that you are honest in your initial discussions,  For example taking any medications, this can have an impact on your session.  

Please explore the website and get in touch with any questions you may have.

I do not engage in any activity of a sexual nature.  Please do not embarrass yourself by asking for these services, as I do not and will not provide them