Services & Sessions

A typical session and what you can expect.

You can expect to receive a fun and friendly session regardless of your chosen scenario.  I am a very approachable lady, I will administer a firm but fair punishment at all times.  

I work from my home so all sessions are carried out in a domestic environment.  I have an excellent selection of implements that will cater for all tastes and experiences.  Whether you are a nervous newcomer to the scene or an experienced hardened taker I can give you what you crave and what your inner self requires.

Some people were brought up with discipline playing a huge part of their everyday life.  All errors were accountable and usually some form of physical punishment was administered to clear the conscience.  The forms of punishments normally administered in the home were carried out by the head female in the family,  and would consist of pyjamas, over the knee hand spanking, the slipper being removed and applied to bare bottom until it glowed like a red hot moon.  It would not matter how many tears you shed or how many sorry’s you cried out, she decided when and how hard that punishment was going to be and when it would end.  For the persistent offenders it was sometimes necessary to use the old fashioned dreaded ebony hairbrush ruthless to the bare bottom and guaranteed to reduce you to a quivering wreck in floods of tears.  

Punishments were non discriminatory, it didn’t matter what gender you were, how well you normally behaved or how old you were.  If you were misbehaved you knew that no matter how much trouble you were in or with whom you would be in bigger trouble when you got home.

School punishments varied in that they had a scale of punishments and implements reflected that scale.  You could expect to receive hand tawsing, plimsoll over the knee, school strap or tawse to the bottom or the dreaded school reformatory cane.  Typically a crook handle cane with a diameter of 12 mm ranging up to 16 mm.  Everyone at school knew the term 6 of the best. Regular discipline carried out in a clinical and methodical way can act in a similar way to therapy.  A typical therapy session would be to take 60 strokes of a strap or cane with a good pause in between each stroke, no friendly banter, no small talk every 4 to 6 weeks.  Clinical trials and experimental punishments have been used to successfully treat people suffering with low self esteem, depression as well as helping people to motivate themselves to lose weight and break addictions.