Punishment administered with a strap or tawse.


This type of punishment was used frequently in schools for errant pupils.

Those with a disregard for rules, respect and work.

Discipline played a huge part in many peoples lives young and old.


In schools the head would use a strap or tawse across the palm of the hand or buttocks.

Due to the sensitivity of the hands it would be rare to exceed 6 strokes to each palm.

But those 6 strokes would leave an impression that lasted, each palm would

survey through you a mass of emotions and feelings from stinging to burning long after

the actual punishment.

 The disciplinarian would bring the strap down from shoulder

height looking you square in the eyes waiting for the crack of leather meeting skin.

Waiting for that show of emotion in the eyes.


When used on the buttocks it can be used for a longer punishment without fear

of breaking the skin or leaving any lasting damage. 

The lochgelly tawse or strap is probably one that most pupils would remember.

Handcrafted from the best hide.