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Marie, Gemma and Amy. (Shot in 4K)
« on: July 13, 2020, 16:23 »
Reached number one in the caning section in around 5 hours! **Top 50 hottest clips on C4S out of over 7 million clips!**
Gemma, Marie and Amy have been found guilty of criminal damage to a car, the victim has been allowed to choose their punishments and to take part in administering them. The girls are tawsed on the hands and one receives a hand caning. Gemma receives a 50 stroke caning with the Canadian prison strap, Marie receives 50 with the Singapore prison cane and Amy receives 40 with the cane.  They then receive 6 each with a plimsoll.

You will see all Gemma and Amy's stroke from the bottom view and then from the face view. There are also repeater slow mo strokes.

This is shot in 4K with 3 cameras and it is exported in full HD due to file size limits on clips4sale.