Author Topic: The centre of correction 2066 (Shot in 4k)  (Read 636 times)

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The centre of correction 2066 (Shot in 4k)
« on: March 19, 2020, 18:18 »

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This is the year 2066, due to rising crime the government have decided to set up centres of correction as the prisons are far too full to host so many dangerous criminals. Miss Belle is one of the licensed correctional officers. She is qualified to administer severe corporal punishment to those who have broken the law.

Gemma, Marie and Ash are to be punished severely with the Singapore cane, the Canadian prison strap, the dragon cane and the plimsoll. Each girl receives at least 50 strokes from the cruel Miss Belle.

They are firstly made to strip off their day clothing before they are positioned over the trestle for a severe punishment.