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Gemma and Amy have been caught spying and are severely punished as a result of this. As well as jail time they are sentenced to 50 strokes each with the Singapore prison cane. They are firstly secured to the authentic Malaysian frame before being caned hard by the officer. Beautiful Gemma and Amy, two stunning young girls are bound tightly before being thrashed hard by the sadistic Miss Belle. The punishing officer Miss Belle doesn't hold back as she lays into them with all her strength.

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This is the year 2066, due to rising crime the government have decided to set up centres of correction as the prisons are far too full to host so many dangerous criminals. Miss Belle is one of the licensed correctional officers. She is qualified to administer severe corporal punishment to those who have broken the law.

Gemma, Marie and Ash are to be punished severely with the Singapore cane, the Canadian prison strap, the dragon cane and the plimsoll. Each girl receives at least 50 strokes from the cruel Miss Belle.

They are firstly made to strip off their day clothing before they are positioned over the trestle for a severe punishment.

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« Last post by Blazing Buttocks on March 12, 2020, 22:47 »
Been over this lady's knee myself and a joy it was too! (see Reviews section for my write-up on this lovely lady.) She will play to limits but take note, she can spank very hard if that's what you want, so if you decided to ask her for a very hard spanking you'll need to brace yourself for a crimson bottom!
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« Last post by Miss Athena on March 05, 2020, 13:38 »
Please email me at thanks!.
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« Last post by kevin on March 05, 2020, 12:56 »
Greetings Aunty Athena,
Reading your post I wish that I lived closer. I feel sure you will attract some subs who deserve your attention!
hello autny Athena my name is kevin I noticed your advert on itc spanking I would love to visit for a session I am interested in mistress slave scenario I am sub male and would like a session upto two hours long please I have tried emailing you before but got no reply.
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« Last post by Miss_Sultrybelle on March 03, 2020, 17:04 »
Thank you Ruperte. xx
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« Last post by Ruperte on February 21, 2020, 19:41 »
Wow. Impressive!
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« Last post by Miss_Sultrybelle on February 21, 2020, 14:47 »
It is our job today to carry out the instructions of the court. You have been found guilty of  causing malicious damage, resisting arrest and perverting the course of justice. You have been sentenced to 50 strokes of the Singapore cane. Are you clear regarding what is about to happen to you? Yes Ma'am.

Guards prepare the prisoner.

Both stunning girls receive a 50 stroke caning with the Singapore prison cane.

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Gemma and Miss Belle share a flat. Gemma decides to snoop around Miss Belle's room and she finds her beloved smoked dragon cane. Miss Belle see's that it isn't in it's usual place and she gives Gemma the option of moving out or being punished by the smoked dragon. Gemma chooses a caning and Miss belle administers 40 full force strokes and makes Gemma cry by the end of her caning.

You will see all strokes from the back and all strokes from the front.

Gemma starts off in a boob tube and short skirt and then she is made to fully strip for her caning.

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