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« Last post by mickey on February 12, 2019, 13:58 »

Miss Lisa
Ms Buffy Brown
Miss Ophelia de Haviland
Miss Sultrybelle
Mistress Sofia
London Spanking
Miss Kay
Eris Martinet
Miss Haldane

MC Customs
Jack's Floggers
Quality Control
Miss Chris
Albert Prendergast

Could you be advertising on this site ? It's free !   :lol:
I've been watching you clips on 'Spanking Tube' Miss S............very impressive..............VERY impressive indeed.

Nope lol,  this Blondie loves to get spanked. :-)

Showing my age and naivete - I thought this was a thread about Debbie Harry and Kate Bush !  :dunno:

Blondie and Katie (60 hard strokes plus a lemon)

Blondie has stolen Katie's shoes and she is sent to Miss Belle's office for punishment. She is sentenced to 60 strokes with the dragon cane. Miss Belle lays into her ignoring her whimpers of pain and quiet sobbing. Katie holds her down during her punishment. Then later on after she has deep pink welts, Miss Belle instructs Katie to squeeze a fresh lemon onto her bottom.

Hi I've just had a postponement in Bristol due to illness this Friday 16th so I have availability before 2.30pm if anyone would like to see me there, domestic /playroom setting with chair, sofas, double bed, kneeling bench (or you can bend over it), Andrews Cross. If you would like to email phone or text me that would be great (if you memo me on this forum it doesn't send me an email so best to go direct thanks!) 07939627968 I will have a good selection of implements and clothing with me.
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My mistake it is a woman with no boobs im shocked I honestly thought it was a man.  My apologies but all credit to her
Hey Ruperte never say never if you ever want to try It I would be happy to administer lol
Oh what a challenge Miss Lisa. It is said that all gentlemen should experience everything in life once. I have never experienced that. I will add it to the list of experiences that I wish to try, but it is quite a long way down the list.
My excuse is that I prioritise and there are a lot of probably more enjoyable experiences to try first! Thank you for the offer though.  :shuffle1:
Wow, strokes on the front of ones thighs! Now that would take some self control to handle. I don't think I could cope with that.

Hey Ruperte never say never if you ever want to try It I would be happy to administer lol
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